Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Return To Sender themed ephemera for your crafting and journaling pleasure

My friend Debbie Gilbert makes the most wonderful altered art journals. If you ever are in the Newfound area of New Hampshire and have the chance to take one of her classes, you really should. She can take all those scraps of paper, stickers and what looks like a mish-mash of mumbly jumble boonswaggle and teach you how to turn it into useful art.

She also has boxes and boxes of amazing ephemera that she's collected travelling all over New England to thrift shops, yard sales, flea markets and more. She's put together some really interesting themed packages so you can create our own altered art journal, ATC, collage, scrapbook pages, or whatever suits your fancy.

I'm a big Elvis fan so I'm highlighting her "Return To  Sender" pack. (Yup, I'm totally singing the song while I'm typing this post.) To see more of her themed packs, visit The Altered Bee on Etsy. Or check out her blog to see what she's working on now at http://thealteredbee.blogspot.com/

Return to Sender Themed 30+ Piece Pack Of Small Ephemera For Paper Crafts

An eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary ephemera. Different sizes, condition, ages etc. You’ll find lots of variety in our packs.

Each themed pack is a collection of stationary, greeting cards, gift wrap, note paper, envelopes of various sizes, cancelled postage stamps, and postcards. These items are perfect for junk journaling, collage, decoupage, scrapbooking (keep in mind they are not all acid free papers), altered art, smash books, ATCs and other paper crafts.

Each 6” x 8” pack contains 30+ pieces of paper. We have a limited supply of our “Return To Sender” packages available. While the pack of ephemera you receive may not be exactly as pictured, the photos are a fair representation of what you will find in your package.

For just $7 you can make multiple pages and/or projects. Click Here to visit The Altered Bee on Etsy and buy this awesome ephemera pack filled with postcards, funky stamps, cute stationary and more.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Who thought it was a good idea to put National Dog Day and National Toilet Paper Day on the same day?

National Dog Day and National Toilet Paper Day happen to fall on the same day, August 26th. So what better way to "celebrate" than with some cute photos of dogs playing with toilet paper. 

dog with toilet paper Posted by Puppy Escapes on TumblrPosted by Puppy Escapes on Tumblr

dog playing with toilet paper Found on Two Dog With Love

Found on PetMD along with the article  Treating Enzyme Deficiencies and Chronic Diarrhea in Dogs
Found on PetMD 
(It ran with the article  Treating Enzyme Deficiencies and Chronic Diarrhea in Dogs, just in case you need a little help with that situation)

Cute dog tearing up toilet paper Found on to da loos
Found on to da loos

The ones below were found on Dog Shaming
Bad Basset Loves To Eat Toilet Paper found on Dog Shaming
found on Dog Shaming
found on Dog Shaming

Moose and Fawn will be running their buns off this weekend

This weekend is the 5th annual Run Your Buns Off road race hosted by Basic Ingredients Bakery and Gift Shop and NH Adventure Boot Camp for Women in Bristol and Bridgewater, New Hampshire by Newfound Lake. In 2013 my son Sam and a few members of the Newfound Film Making Club put together a video of the event. 

In 2013 over 300 runners and walkers participated in the 4.2 mile run and organizers hope to exceed that number this year. Registration is available online at www.lightboxreg.comor you can register in person the day of the vent. For more information or to download a brochure/registration form, visit www.basicingredientsnh.com.
Each year the race committee selects a charitable organizations as its beneficiary. This year, funds from the Run Your Buns Off race will help to support two Newfound area organizations;

  • The Day Away Program and The Newfound Pathways. The Day Away Program, a newly formed program designed to provide a period of respite for caregivers of Alzheimer’s and related dementia patients in the Newfound area by providing a social day program.
  • The Newfound Pathways, is a group creating a scenic and safe 17 mile pedestrian and bike route around Newfound Lake. Due to costly construction, completion of the route is slated at just one or two miles per year. The Run Your Buns Off Committee hope that with their help, The Newfound Pathways will reach their completion date much sooner.
This year I made a chocolate Moose and white tailed Fawn for raffle at the after race party. Hopefully lots of chances will be bought to win them and they'll go to a loving home.
If you can't wait to take a chance to win a moose you can find one in my shop. 
CLICK HERE to order. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

One of a kind recycled, art animals

I’ve been designing my own stuffed animals for a little while now. It started out by trying to duplicate a little stuffed bunny I had  as a child, and now I have a burgeoning zoo of wild, domestic and mythological animals taking over my living room. A few months ago I decided to take it a step further and paint the fabric to make my creations even more unique.
Below are some samples of my hand painted and sewn art animals. They have all been made using recycled and salvaged felt, fleece and/or denim and stuffed hard with fabric scraps so they stand on their own without a metal armature inside.
They were on display at the Gordon-Nash Library in New Hampton, NH for the month of July and are available for purchase. I also do custom work. Just send me an email if you’d like to buy any of the animals below or want one made for you in a specific color. New creations are coming all the time.