Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scrappy Happy

Last week I made some little monster shirts for a friend of mine's two children using a couple of my son's drawings and some left over fabric. They were a huge hit. Since they turned out so well I decided to challenge myself and take my fabric pictures to a new level.

My son is a big fan of classic rock and the Guitar Hero video game. So, I made this fabric applique to put on a t-shirt or sweat shirt for him. I was so excited and he really liked it, until I asked what he wanted me to put it on. Then he told me, in no uncertain terms, that at 12-years old he was "too old" to wear "something like that". He claimed it was too cartoony and cute.

But, I fell in love with my little guitar hero. He is made entirely of scraps. His hair is leftover from a quilted beach scene, his shoes, shirt and guitar are fabric scraps from a flaming skull quilt, his jeans are from an old pair of jeans. So, a little bit at a time I'm working through my scrap pile and making a Green Carbon Rock Band.

So far we have our lead guitar above, and

Bass GuitarDrummer and Keyboards
Next I'll be working on the lead singer. My plan right now it to turn my band into a bed quilt. It's also been suggested I put them on some kid's t-shirts and bags.

I'd love to hear some other suggestions what to make with them and who else to add to the band. Of course if someone over the age of 12 wants to wear my characters on a piece of clothing I'm happy to make it. Really, who wouldn't want to have a cute rock star hanging all over them?

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