Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Item #2 in the ALSPAC Challenge

Item #2 in Amy Lyn's Stash Pattern Attack Challenge or ALSPAC is a misses' size 14 jumper made from a 1998 Simplicity pattern.  I used a 100% cotton green paisley fabric that made it's way to me via a trash bag of fabric left in my cubicle that was bound for the landfill if I didn't give it a home.  A salvaged zipper, hook and eye, and thread.  I really like the clean lines of this pattern, the patch pockets on the front, and it went together super easy.

Since I was limited in the amount of fabric I paired with this pattern I made the straight jumper as seen in picture B rather than the A-line version which required about 1/2 a yard more fabric than I had.  And yes, this pattern will be getting matched with some fabric to make the A-line version with the little belt and bag.  I'm thinking blue denim and orange, I love that combo. 

So here are a few shot of the finished version which I just posted on my Etsy shop 

And this is is the same jumper paired with a cute cardigan sweater I just upcycled with some white roses I created from a too small white t-shirt and scraps of green fleece and sewed by hand randomly to the front.

Next up is this combo I blindly pulled from the bucket today.  I only have enough fabric to make the shirt version but with long sleeves.
If you'd like to see more fabric and pattern pairings for ALSPAC (with more to come) please visit my Flickr page.  

Don't forget you can be part of ALSPAC too.  If you see a combo you'd like for yourself, or a piece I've all ready posted at Green Carbon just send me a email message with ALSPAC challenge as the subject and I'll give you a 30% discount off the regular price. 

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