Friday, January 13, 2012

Collage Calendar from Recycled Magazines

One of my favorite ways to recycle paper is to make collages with pictures and words from magazines.  I've done several posters, picture frames, journals and pieces of furniture mod podged with layer after layer of pieces of paper.

A while ago I decided I wanted to make a calendar and while the original pages look fantastic, it takes a very long time to create one. Since it did come out so great I decided to offer it up on Zazzle. So, I scanned each page into my computer and did a little graphic design, adding quotes and other images.

Here are a couple other pages I created. One of my favorite quotes in the calendar is by Dr. Zoidberg of Futurama "Ohhh, it's all so complicated, with the flowers, and the romance, and the lies upon lies." It could fall under the Valentine category but I put it in May for my flower collage.

February's page is dedicated to Valentine's Day and I've put this image on other Zazzle items like cards, mugs, aprons, magnets and more.

Click Here to see the rest of the calendar pages.

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