Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Easy Kid Friendly Crafts

I spent some time working as a preschool teacher and volunteering at my son's school and absolutely love crafting with kids. You just never know where their imaginations will take them. Plus, even though I'm a girly girly at heart, I just love getting my hands dirty.

Moving craft and art projects outside is a welcome escape after being stuck inside all winter. Bright blue skies, puffy clouds, tall green trees swaying in a gentle breeze, wild flower filled gardens, tomatoes growing on the vine, being outside in the natural world just lends itself to creativity and long, hot summer days tend to make the mind wander bringing forth the most fantastic stories and ideas. Plus, it's doubly fun crafting away and then letting the sun dry the glue and paint while you run through the sprinkler or hop in the pool.

For years I've put together a binder of easy kids crafts that I'm now taking a step further incorporating recycled materials. This is the beginning of my series of how tos.

How to Craft a Summer Sparkle Bottle or Sparkle Wand

How to Make Paper Clay for Easy Kid Friendly Crafts

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