Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to Make Fake Rocks - An Easy Kid Friendly Craft

I've been working on a series of kid friendly crafts using recycled materials. My ultimate plan is to write instructions for at least 100 recycled crafts and sell my book to a publisher.

I just love crafting outside in the summer sun. I really do think the sunshine and being surrounded by nature make one's mind expand with creative inspirations. I always seem to come up with more unique ideas sitting outside in the fresh air.

I usually save my coffee grounds to fertilize my plants but yesterday I used them to make some fake rocks filled with treasure with my son. They make really different party favors or a fun backyard scavenger hunt.

From the photo above can you tell which one is the fake rock? Two are real and one is fake. Here's a hint, the ladybug is a painted real rock. I'll post instructions to paint some cute ladybug and butterfly rocks soon.

This is one of the fake rocks after being broken up and the treasure revealed. This treasure was a little gold plated ring I got on a bookmark when I bought the Lord of the Rings collection about six years ago. It actually has the words engraved on the ring just like in the books and movie. I found it along with other tiny trinkets when I was looking for fun things to hide in our fake rocks. So, not only is this craft a great way to recycle coffee grounds and sand from your driveway and sidewalk, but a chance to give a second life to tiny trinkets and those toys you got in the kid's fast food meals.

Here are the how to instructions to make some Fake Rock Treasure Stones.

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