Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Summer Time Time Time

Like most people around the country during this economic downturn we are not going on vacation but taking a staycation with lots of day trips to museums, movies, hiking trails and local landmarks. I'm very frugal and look to save money however I can.

Some tips to saving money on your staycation:

1. Buy an Entertainment book filled with buy one get one coupons for your local area and USE it. I've discovered several eateries and fun spots I wasn't even aware of by searching for coupons by area in my Entertainment book.

2. Library passes are a great way to save on entrance fees to local museums. Be sure to sign up in advance, they go fast during the summer and on school vacations.

This photo was taken on the second floor of Boston's Museum of Science, one of our favorite museums. We're heading there again this week! I also just read the Harry Potter exhibit will be coming to the MOS in October.

Your local library is also a great place to rent movies. Our library rents movies for $1 a week. You just can't beat that!

3. At Showcase Cinemas select kid movies are free on BookWorm Wednesdays at 10am through 8/12. And on Thursdays at 7pm it's "Attack of the B Movies" through 8/27 for only $5 for a double feature. Here's a list of locations. Also, every Tuesday is a bargain all day and night for only $6.

4. At AMC Theatres they offer half price tickets Monday through Thursday at select theaters. Until 8/5 they offer a "Movie Camp" on Wednesdays at 10am where a selected kid movie is just $1 and proceeds benefit a children's charity. Thursdays are "Student days" where it's $7 rather than the usual $10 for students 13+. Also, if you choose to see a movie before noon they offer their "best price" for everyone. The one near us charges $6.

5. Many hiking trails and national parks are free or require a small fee to enter. You're state's website which is usually www. yourstate .gov should have all the information you're looking for. In Massachusetts I visit this link for hiking trails, fun places to visit, events and more.

That's Sam on the top of the Fox Ridge Trail at Breakheart Reservation in Saugus/Wakefield. On a clear day you can actually see the Boston skyline from there.

Our most recent road-trip was up to Salem, MA. Now that is a town steeped in history. With my Entertainment book we visited the Salem Witch Museum and Peabody Essex Museum. We had lunch on the Wharf at Victoria's Station, the food was delicious and they have a HUGE salad bar. After our lunch we walked around to all the little shops, several where you could learn to cast spells.

We hopped back in the car and headed down to Salem Willows. We walked through the park, listened to some music, and climbed on some rocks. On our way to the arcade to play some classic games like PacMan, Ms. PacMan, Centipede, Galaga, Mortal Combat, TMNT and more we stopped to watch a fisherman on the dock bring in his catch.

Well it turns out he caught what I think is called a skate or maybe a sting ray but it was really small. It looked like a bat with a long skinny tale. It was flopping all around, it's mouth gasping in and out. Then, without a word the guy unhooks the thing, grabs it by one of it's wings and flings it over our heads back into the water. OMG!!! How freaky was that!?! Good times, good times.

I am now twittering, I'm amylyn2112 if you care to follow. Still not sure what I'm doing but learning along the way.

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