Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Survived the move...barely

So, I'm still breathing and haven't pulled all my hair out from the move to New Hampshire. I did wake up with about 6 white hairs on either side of my head like the mother at the end of Poltergeist which really freaked me out. But a little pluck pluck here, pluck pluck there and I'm all good and don't need to start coloring my hair just yet. My hair is still black according to my son even though I've always thought it was a nice dark chocolate brown.

The packing to move started out incredibly organized but by the end I was just throwing things into boxes to get the hell out of there. So, now comes the ordeal of sorting out the stuff at the new place. I just opened a "toss" box as I call them and found spools of thread, unopened mail, the little tin plate to a shrinky dinks oven, keys to who knows what, boxes of Yu-gi-oh cards, some fabric scraps, some costume patterns and a wok plus other little doo dads. Oh where do I even start with this stuff?!?

I have so much work to do and so little time, dresses to make, shops to promote, boxes to unpack, soccer tryouts and school starts in two weeks and we've barely got our vacation on.

Oh no, did I just feel another white hair wriggle out of my scalp grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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