Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting Back on Track

Wow, I can’t believe how off track I’ve gotten.  But, in all honestly it wasn’t my fault. I’m not being a slacker but I was completely derailed at the end of February by my living situation and needed to move in a hurry.  I won’t go into the gory details since what’s done is done and I’d like to leave that baggage by the side of the road where it belongs.  Just know I’ve picked up my caboose, put it back on the track and am slowly but surely picking up speed.

Sadly I had to put my Stash & Pattern Attack Challenge on hold temporarily.  In the rush to pack and move somehow the current project went missing along with several other items, like the cords for my camera and printer so I can’t download new photos until I find them grrrrrrrrr.  I still have some boxes to unpack so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 

But, I’m very happy I was able to find us a nice new space so quickly.  I had looked at quite a few and was really becoming discourage when on my way back to the old place I took a wrong turn and just happened to see a tiny for rent sign in the window of this big old farm house.   Finally, a little bit of luck came our way now we have more room and plenty of storage space, the place is so sunny and bright (with a couple of stained glass windows to boot) and just a short walk to everything including the town library, a river with gorgeous waterfalls, a state park for hiking, and even a fudge shop.  The biggest bonus to the new place is the rent is less money.

So, since I have no new photos or project to post, I thought I’d post about one of my other favorite things to do, finding FREE stuff.  I know, I know time is money so it’s not exactly “free” if you’re in that frame of mind.  But, as long as you’re not going out of your way to get the free thing or have to sign up for a bunch of offers from other companies you wouldn’t normally do to get the free thing, then I say it’s free.

Topping my list for finding free stuff is Freecycle  and the Free area on Craigslist’s in the For Sale section.    These sites are really the ultimate in recycling.  With my previous move I posted a ton of stuff on freecycle that I didn’t sell on craigslist, and/or didn’t need but thought could be useful to someone else.  A couple of months ago Sam’s TV died and I found one offered for free on Freecycle just down the road from us.  It’s a better TV than our old one, the person giving it away just upgraded to a new and bigger one. I’ve seen loads of clothes, furniture and appliances offered on both sites too.  You just never know, one man’s trash is another one’s treasure.

Another great way to get free stuff from your favorite stores and manufacturers is to visit their websites.  Most of the time you’ll need to sign up for an e-newsletter to get the free samples or coupons etc. You can always opt out later if they get too spammy for you.  On a side note, if I’m asked for more than my name, address, and maybe a quick multiple choice question I’ll pass over the free thing unless I really REALLY want it.

A couple great sites loaded with freebies, coupons, contests and rebates are: Freebies  truly a wealth of information.  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter for updates.

Free Stuff Times Not only does this site have a huge list of feebies but readers can post feedback so you can really judge an offer’s true value.

I’m absolutely in love with Photoscape, a free photo editing software. 

While checking out some freebies why not flip on Pandora internet radio and create your own radio station.  It is so very cool!!! 

My final favorite free of today is your Local Library.  The library is one of my favorite places and most towns have them.  Sign up for a library card and borrow books and movies for free or for a very small movie rental fee, use computers for free, attend events, book clubs etc. for FREE.  Plus, if your town library is part of a network and they don’t have the item you want to borrow they can ask to borrow it from another library for you for free. 

Also, if you are planning a trip to a local museum or historical site check your library first, they might have free or discounted passes.  Think about becoming a “friend” to your library for an annual fee or make a donation of books and videos if you’re able.  Free libraries can’t stay free without public help.

BTW dear readers, I always include a free gift when you buy something from Green Carbon. I've included ornaments, button dolls, motion magnets, and hand drawn bookmarks so you never know what free little extra I might toss into your package.

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