Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Fall for Orange in Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season and it goes by way to fast. The trees are barely just bursting with color before the leaves start falling leaving the branches bare and sad looking. It’s like getting a beautiful party dress, feeling spectacular in it then having some drunken slut spill their drink on you and having to change out of it before the party is over.

This fall in New Hampshire has been fairly wet so, even though the ground is painted in red, orange and gold we can’t have the fun of kicking crunchy leaves and watching the colors swirl around us. Instead I’m sidestepping the wet sloppy mess so I don’t slip and fall and rip the staple of my fall/winter wardrobe, black, cable patterned tights.

I’ve been neglectful of my blog and Etsy shop and am desperate to step away from the computer and just sew, sew, sew. But, dear readers, fate has thrown me a few curve balls lately and I’ve needed to put my focus on immediate income rather than my long term goals. But, I’ll get there sooner rather than later.

So, today as I look out this office window at the orange covered ground and trees with a few golden leaves trembling in the wind desperately clinging to their branches, I'm using my lunch break to update our blog and feature a few items from the Etsy Trashion Team that I found on Etsy by searching for the key words “TRASHION” and/or “autumn” “orange”, “fall”, “leaves”.

Reclaimed Belgian Ale Glass Elm Leaves by westernartglass 

I just love the story the artist included in his description of this beautiful piece.

Reclaimed Belgian Ale Glass Elm Leaves

SIX PACK Paper or Plastic No Thank You by zJayne
I'm am a HUGE fan of reusable shopping bags and have quite a stash in the trunk of my car.  Unfortunate, most of the time I go in, fill my cart and realize I forgot my bags and have to dash out to the parking lot for my bags hoping the stock clerk doesn't start putting my items back before I get back into the store. 

SIX PACK Paper or Plastic No Thank You

Orange is my favorite color more of the pumpkin hue than prison garb or hunting vest variety, yeah I try to avoid those.  Legos were above all my favorite toy to play with growing up.  Okay, who am I kidding, I still love to play with Legos. 

Belt Buckle LEGO Orange

Made by a fellow New Englander and totally funky.

Loop-Tee-Do - Recycled Tee Shirt Necklace/Scarf Large

So adorable, I love using men's button down shirts to make little girl dresses.
Peasant Dress, The Power of Upcycled Flowers, 3T only

I like the different shape of the dress plus it looks both elegant and completely comfortable and those ruffles could nicely cover some "trouble spots".
Little Black Sweater Dress S/M

I just love the shades in the fabric and the leaf detail of this delicate ring.

Fabric Rosette Flower Ring MAUI SUNSET 

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  1. Great mix of finds and your own greencarbon shop is GREAT! Thank you for this post, sharing, what goes around comes around.

    Best regards,
    Jane of zJayne