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Inspired by Tom Savini ~ Green Carbon Artwork & Fashions

I’ve decided to move our movie content from here to our GreenCarbon2112 blog on Wordpress to keep the focus on the craft how to instructions, frugal finds, New England living and Etsy items on this blog and the movie, gaming and well, more entertainment related posts there. I will however continue to post our "inspired by" pieces here.


Blood Red Watercolor of Tom Savini in From Dusk Til Dawn
Tom Savini is truly an amazing artist, actor, director and all around great guy.  Click here for our reasons why Savini is #9 on our list of Underrated Actors.

The best news is that Tom Savini not only has one or two new projects in the works but a whopping 8 movies either in pre or post production for release in 2011 or 2012.  And these aren't bit parts either.

Definitely visit to see clips of The Sadist which looks wildly gruesome and yes, Savini is the Sadist.  In Robin Hood: Ghosts of Sherwood he plays the ever so evil Sheriff of Nottingham and looks totally wicked.  
Zombie hand drawn by Sam

Visit IMDB for more information about Tom's movies and body of work. Although none of his upcoming projects seem to be zombie related he isn't straying far from his horror roots.  

When I was trying to come up with something to make fashion-wise inspired by Tom, Sam suggested I make something with his mustache.  So, I created the Savini 'stache bandanna.  I know, it's a goatee, but come on, 'stache sounds so much cooler.

Savini 'stache bandanna

The photo I'm including is a before and after photo of Sam wearing the bandanna.  His school just had a Shave-Your-Head-A-Thon fundraising event for the Norris Cotton Cancer CenterHe got pledges and then had his head shaved in front of the whole school.  
Zombie Hunting Bag

I also made this zombie hunting bag after watching a movie marathon with Sam of Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, and Land of the DeadI know, peace signs and smiley faces don't scream blood thirsty, savage, have no fear zombie hunter but after however many hours of peaking through my fingers and curbing my gag reflex this is what came to me.  I figured if I ever had to be out there saving my cerebral cortex from the hordes of the undead, I might need something to make me smile.

The bag is made from a recycled pair of cargo pants (the strap was the waist band).  The bag is lined with a recycled red t-shirt.  I went with red to hide the blood stains of course.  I hand painted all the little smiley faces and peace signs and I imagine the bag has seen plenty of zombie fighting action what with the blood and oozing guts, lopped off body parts, you know the usual run of the mill zombie type action.

Digitally Enhanced Zombies

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