Saturday, February 5, 2011

Inspired by Bruce Campbell

I’ve decided to move our movie content from here to our GreenCarbon2112 blog on Wordpress to keep the focus on the craft how to instructions, frugal finds, New England living and Etsy items on this blog and the movie, gaming and well, more entertainment related posts there. I will however continue to post our "inspired by" pieces here.

 Inspired by Bruce Campbell

After publishing Sam's post with his Top 10 Underrated Actors we decided we would created fashions and artwork inspired by each actor and the different roles they've played.  Here are the pieces #10 Bruce Campbell inspired us to make.
Bruce Campbell as Ash in Evil Dead 2

Bruce Campbell in scratchboard

The Evil Dead movies are classic zombie, but the zombie movie that really started it all for our love of all things zombie was Shaun of the Dead which is a laugh riot.  I rented that for us after we laughed until we fell off the couch watching Hot Fuzz. We can't get enough of the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost comedy duo. I'm totally looking forward to their next movie pairing "Paul" coming out March 11th.

Honestly, I was never really into the gruesome, blood and guts spilling, gore fest, zombie movies before.  But, after watching them with Sam I'm a hesitant fan but I'm seriously hooked on the new TV series The Walking Dead on AMC and can't wait for that to start up again.  OK, I still peek through my fingers during the really gross parts, but come on.

Sam was inspired by Bruce Campbell's character Ash in The Evil Dead 2 and created this original piece on scratch board.  He likes using scratch board because it's a great medium "to make silhouettes and stylize something".  We scanned the image and put it on some items for sale in our Green Carbon shop on Zazzle.  I think they look pretty cool.

Bruce Campbell Inspired Items in our Zazzle shop
I prefer the character Sam Axe that Bruce Campbell plays in USA Network's show Burn Notice.  He's a wise-cracking, ex-Navy seal who helps Michael Weston with his "freelance work", always wears a Hawaiian shirt and has a soft spot for the ladies.

Giving a nod to his penchant for wearing Hawaiian shirts I made this tropical print sundress and it's now available in our Etsy shop.
Sam Axe inspired tropical print sundress

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