Monday, October 10, 2011

I Love Fall In New England

Autumn on the Pemi River

We just got back from a hike down the Pemi River in Bristol, NH. It's hard to believe it's October 10th and 80 degrees out. There are lots of downed trees from Hurricane Irene and some spots are still extremely muddy. But, with some side stepping, ducking under and climbing over tree limbs and jumping over huge gaps of land that were washed down the river, we made it to the sandy point where the river curves that Sam wanted me to see. Ah, sweet serenity.

Salmon Fishing in the Pemi River

If you didn't get a chance this weekend to do some leaf peeping around New England, don't give up hope to see the trees give off their annual autumn fireworks display. Check out the foliage map to see who has peaked and who's still waiting to pop.

There are so many fun things to do around New England in the fall. There are craft fairs and county fairs almost every weekend, apple and pumpkin picking are always fun and corn mazes seem to be popping up all over the place.

Here's a  few corns mazes in New Hampshire you might want to visit.

Beech Hill Farm in Hopkington, NH has three mazes to explore: Extreme Animals; Summer Olympics and Medievil Quest

Beans and Greens Farm located in Gilford, NH has a treasure hunt in their maze.

Moulton Farm in Meredith, NH offers a wide variety of fresh produce and you get a free apple from their orchard after completing the maze. By the way quilters, it's not that far a drive to the Keepsake Quilt Shop from there.

Sherman Farm in East Conway, NH offers a haunted maze with a Bruins theme.

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