Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sewing Skirts, Dresses and Pajama Bottoms

I saw a notice on Facebook about Concord Handmade  a couple weeks ago and took a chance that they still had room in their shop. I was really hoping they would want to carry my hats and sent them links to my Etsy shop and Flickr page because if they all ready had a hat maker maybe they would consider something else.

They all ready had hats and tops, but no skirts. So, I went through my inventory only to find the majority of the skirts and dresses in my stock are mostly spring and summer. Although the fashion runways are premiering spring fashions now, I don't think shoppers in the frosty northeast are ready for that quite yet.


So, not wanting to head down to Concord with only a handful of skirts I've been going full tilt. The owner also said dresses for women and children were needed which is awesome for me! Why awesome you ask? Well, having only had one little boy (not so little any more) and no little girls to sew for, I have a huge pile of girl dress patterns I never got to make.


I have 10 or so dresses and skirts at various stages of construction right now. The store actually opened on Tuesday so I plan to take a trip down later this afternoon with a pile of my skirts and dresses.  Here are a couple that I just finished this morning.

This little dress is a combination of two Vogue patterns from 1997. The first pattern was a simple pullover jumper, but I loved the puffy sleeves from another dress so I added them to the jumper.

This size 4 dress is made from 100% cotton. The darker green fabric with pine cones was fabric I salvaged from a bag of fabric being thrown away. The green plaid was leftover from a quilting project.

I love vintage and wrap shirts, dresses and skirts. Wrap fashions flatter almost any figure. I was thrilled to make some wrap skirts for girls using this vintage pattern.

Here is the first fully completed one. It looks a lot better on a person than a coat hanger, but you get the general idea.

I made this size 10 wrap skirt from a piece of green with white polka dot fabric saved from that same bag with the green pine cone fabric. The pockets are from some green shamrock fabric left over from a quilting project and the hem are the left over quilt blocks of the green shamrock and a white with green shamrocks fabric.

Concord Handmade is open now through January 5th. 
Please visit the shop at 
1 South Main Street, Concord, NH 03301
Hours: Monday through Saturday 11am to 7pm
Sunday Noon to 5pm

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