Wednesday, June 12, 2013

All in Good Green Fun

I wanted to challenge myself a couple summers ago by completely hand sewing a quilt. Boy did that take a long time.

But, after doing that I was really keen on doing more hand work, so I started designing and hand sewing stuffed animals. I have to say I'm really excited with how my little creations are turning out.

The little pink and orange dogs above will be part of a set that will be appearing in their own short film created by The Newfound Film Making Club.

I still need to make a brown dog, a blond dog, a white dog and a blue dog. Of course they'll all need to have white collars and ties like the big Mr. Orange, the super secret undercover scotty dog.  If you still don't get the reference, just think Tarantino.

So far I've created dogs, owls, cats, frogs, bunnies and even a snail. This past weekend I dropped off a few of these lovely little pets at The Altered Bee in downtown Bristol, NH.

Each of my handmade plushies comes with its own story like this weeks' Pet of the Week Marzipan.

Marizpan was sewn from scraps of pink baby cord for her body, recycled pink knit for the insides of her ears and a scrap of white fleece for her fluffy tail. She was sewn with a mixture of machine and hand stitching and is stuffed hard with scraps of clean fabric. She's very "green" for such a pink bunny.

A few of my handmade stuffed animals are also available on Meylah. Click Here to visit the shop.

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