Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reversible clothes equal twice the fashion for half the cost

I love making reversible tops and dresses. I haven't made any bottoms yet but they could be on the horizon. It's not just for the sewing challenge of making both sides look completely right side out. But, putting together color combinations that either coordinate well or give two completely different looks is always fun.

It's also a great money saver and fashion disaster savior as well. Whether you've dribbled ice coffee down the front of your dress or arrive at a party to find you're wearing the same color as your mother-in-law (the horror), a quick change is all you need to save the day. Flippity flip, lickity split you're in a whole new look.

I've been adding some new clothes and updating photos for my Etsy shop.  The weather decided to cooperate today so I tried something new and used the clothesline out back for my mini photo shoot. What do you think?

Summer Fun Reversible Dress Navy Blue Floral and Pink Gingham with Matching Shorts with Ruffles

The outfit above I made using a vintage 1960's pattern. I had used the pink check fabric to back a quilt for a baby shower gift about 18 years ago. I had just enough to make the top and ruffles for the shorts. I knew there had to be a reason I was holding on to it for so long. :)

Click Here if you'd like to purchase this outfit.

Reversible Dress with Green Polka Dot Ruffle Hem and Cap Sleeves

Here's another reversible dress that is perfect for the summer whether you're hitting the beach, the mountains or an air conditioned place for family fun.

I just adored this floral Alexander Henry print. Click Here to purchase this dress.

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