Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finding a Hat for my Mega Melon

I love funky yet stylish hats and caps. Unfortunately, given the circumference of my over-sized melon, I've never been able to find any structured hats that fit my massive cranium. Good thing I've go the mad sewing skills to make my own.
Okay, okay I know that head size has nothing to do with intelligence.
But I do read A LOT. :)

I also really dig over-sized top hats and floppy hats with huge brims. If I only had the confidence to actually wear one out of the house.  (If you're wondering, yes, I often sew wearing a funky top hat.)

A few months ago I thought I'd try my hand at Zentangle and paint a pair of jeans. Unfortunately, it looked much better in my head. (My very, very large head.)

Never to let a good bit of fabric go to waste, I put it aside hoping inspiration would hit me. Then, a couple days ago while I was making caps out of old flannel shirts, it hit me. I would use that denim disaster to create a super funky, wide brimmed hat.

I chopped up the jeans and then stitched layer on top of layer to create this very unique hat. Then, because I felt it was still missing something. I pleated a scrap of red quilt binding and added it to the hat band.

Unfortunately (for me) the jeans I had done my painting experiment on only gave me enough material to make a small sized hat.  So, if you have a little head and are looking for a gorgeous, one of a kind, well made hat, send me a message. I'd love for this hat to adorn a fabulous fashionista!

Here are a few of the other hat designs I've been working on.

Cloche Hats.
The leopard print was a Snuggie, the black fleece a blanket. 
The red cloche is handmade from velvet I salvaged from a steamer trunk at a yard sale.

Fleece Ear-Flap (Hunter) Cap

Fleece fabric scraps from blankets were used to make this super cozy cap.

Pocket Cap

This super cute cap was made by recycling a quilted, flannel shirt with two chest pockets. The black band is a scrap of fleece left over from another project.

Sweater Beret

The sweater I used to make this beret had a HUGE coffee stain made by a klutz who couldn't walk and drink coffee at the same time. (Yup, you guessed it, Little Miss Big Head.) I attempted to cover the stain with an abstract, blue, green and purple plaid applique but it just wasn't doing it for me. So, to the chopping block it went and voila, we have this funky little beret. The head band was made from a scrap of red plaid left over after making my son a pair of pajama bottoms. I just love me a mixed up, pattern play of plaids.

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